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Why every bride should take advantage of trunk shows

Ever wonder why we have so many trunk shows at our store? Or what the heck a "trunk show" even is? Well...we are here to give you the scoop.

Once upon a time designers would pack their newest designs into trunks and travel across the country showcasing their collections to retailers and brides alike. It was a direct method of door to door sales, if you will, that got new items promoted and seen at a variety of stores. The hefty trunks have now been replaced with boxes and the traveling salesman replaced by your friendly delivery driver...but you get the idea.

Trunk shows give brides huge advantages while shopping for the perfect gown. Here are our top 3 reasons why brides should attend (and purchase!) at a trunk show.

1. At these events, the designer has hand picked favorite gowns that are sure to give you those warm fuzzy feelings! These gowns are the best of the best. While we would love to be able to offer our customers every gown, from every collection, from every designer, and in every size and color, we just cannot. Dang it all...we just only have so much space! LOL These events not only give brides the top new gowns to choose from, but also more gowns from that particular designer that the store would otherwise not have. That means you can book less appointments because you are going to be seeing more gowns, and the best gowns, at the trunk show. No need to run all over town when you can see everything in one store.

2. Incentives! Often times stores are authorized by the designer to offer a one time discount during an event. Incentives may include a percentage off the dress, a free gift with your purchase, a gift certificate for accessories, and more! At some events, the designer or a design representative may be present. They often times can authorize expert opinions about a particular style and may even offer little incentives such as free custom work. Want buttons down that train? They have the authority to say yes to that...and perhaps at a discounted rate!

3. Trunk shows are FUN! There is an amazing feeling during a trunk energy that YOU are going to find the ONE PERFECT GOWN. Who doesn't love that?!? Our stylists love trunk shows because we enjoy going along on the hunt with our brides...and a showcase gives us more gowns to pull for you. There may also be aforementioned fun specials going on, free gifts, and a sense of community among the brides who choose to say yes during the event. now that you know what you know about these trunk shows. Here are our top tips for attending:

1. Be sure to call in advance to reserve an appointment.

2. Bring 2-4 people along that are crucial to your decision making. Remember, these events are typically one weekend only. You want to be sure to have your decision makers with you so that you can say yes at the event and take advantage of any incentives.

3. Plan a fun day. Book your appointment where you can set up a brunch, lunch or dinner for before or after. Schedule a pedicure party that afternoon to relax after you have shopped. This is a great way to say thank you for those that are coming along with you to shop and to celebrate saying yes!